Tyler Phillips, which is a pen name, is married, lives in California, USA, has held various careers from mom-and-pop to gigantic organizations to owning his own business to coaching baseball.

He loves the Redwoods, has a garden and enjoys live sports including football, baseball, golf and horse racing.

Who is the Audience?

A weary traveler looking for a safe place to savor life and humanity. I’ve often received the feedback that “I haven’t read anything like this before” despite the familiarity with events: “That happened to me.” “I know that guy.” Or “That’s exactly the place that I worked.” I’m optimistic that if you participate in reality, you will likely find my writing to be relatable and enjoyable. I describe the stories as Fictional Reality: stories that have to function within the rules of reality: ordinary people put in extraordinary situations. Or as Alfred Hitchcock put it “Real life with the boring parts cut out.”

How are the Stories Organized?

With the exception of Cube Paradise and Low Life in the Boardroom (sequel to CP), you can read them in any order. Here is the rough order if you wanted to read them “chronologically”: Slipping Through the Cracks (1980s); Worth (1990s); China, Come Home (mid 1990s); Cube Paradise (1999-2013); Diamond Hitchhiker (2020-2025); Low Life in the Boardroom (2025-2050).    

Please enjoy and feel free to leave me any comments or feedback via the contact page.

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